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Wimbledon is a farce (and I’m English)!
26 lipnja 2022, 03:37
So Wimbledon eh?

We have a player seeded 3 who has never won a match at Wimbledon. A player seeded 5 who has won 1 match.

The world rankings are not relative to grass or clay. They only really apply for hard courts. Very few people who attend Wimbledon have any idea that an entire tennis season happens around it. Strawberries & cream on a weird surface people only play on for 4 weeks a year.

The stupidity of this has made for the draw to be lopsided also. It’s not the computer’s fault. All of the big servers are in the bottom half apart from Hurkacz. I’ve no idea who will emerge from that half to reach the final.

Banning Russian & Belarusian players, making people play in white in front of posh, rich & clueless fans. When will they learn? Alienation rather than inclusion.

The so-called cradle of tennis is a joke.
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